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Happy Tuesday!!

Ok. Ok.  Truth is, I didn't watch the Golden Globes.  I did, however, watch Tina Fey's and Amy Poehler's monologue.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's a must!

As usual, these two ladies were hilarious, but there was ONE joke that got me to pause and rewind....4 times in a row!  No joke!

It was about George Clooney.  They were talking about how he got married this year and came to the Golden Globes with his new wife, Amal Alamuddin:

 “She’s a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, an advisor to Kofi Annan on Syria and was appointed to a three-person commission investigating rules-of-war violations in the Gaza Strip. So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”

What an impressive woman!  

In honor of Amal Alamuddin, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and every other woman who is killing it in her field, we've put together our own list of Award Winning Beads for confident & impressive women (and one cuff that is to die for).  Check it out:

Oh, did I forget to mention that today is Beading Basics Day?   

This means that we've published a new video with extensive info on 5 different types of clasps.  Curious?  Scroll down to watch the video tutorial:


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