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Happy Tuesday!
Last week we taught you how to make a simple Peyote Stitch.  
So, today, we wanted to take it one step further and teach you how to make a Peyote Stitch Toggle.

A toggle is a type of clasp that has two distinct pieces: one is in the shape of a tube and the other is in the shape of a circle...a circle with a hole in it.  The two combined form the toggle shape in the picture above and wind up being a really cute way to close your accessories...
Not to mention the fact that the toggle is really easy to open and close (as opposed to those darn lobster claws, grrrrr).
That being said, Peyote Toggles are not only cute little clasps, but they're...wait for it... EASY to make! Ha!
(If you've read this blog for more than a week, you KNOW how obsessed I am with making jewelry quickly and easily).  I want you to feel smart and accomplished after creating something, not defeated and confused.
So, take out your DELICA seed beads (Delica's are the Japanese seed beads that all have the exact same size), your needle and your thread and let's get to it!! 
If you find that you don't have these supplies on hand, no problemo! We sell all of these supplies in our store too :)
We hope you enjoy today's Beading Basics Tutorial.
Here's to easy DIY's!


AS Team
 We're going to be making a toggle clasp using a peyote stitch
 The first thing we will do is thread a seed bead to make a stop bead
 Take the bead to the end and thread again to keep the bead in place 
 Always leave a piece of thread 6-8 inches long
 Let's start stringing our delicas.  We'll use size 10
 Thread 12 seed beads
 Once we have the first bead, we will begin the peyote stitch
Like we explained in our last tutorial
 We finish our stitch. We made it 4 rows up
 Now let's close this piece to form a tube
 Let's thread both ends together
 Now pass the needle in a zig zag form, from one Delica to another
 Here we have our closed tube
 Now we will proceed to close it.  First we have to remove the stop bead.
 and make a knot with the other thread 
 Make a simple knot and then another knot with both cords
Cut the cord that does not have the needle.
Now we will pass the needle through the Delicas until we  reach the center of the tube.
Here we will start our loop
Thread 5 Delicas
Pass the needle through the next Delica on the tube to make the loop
This is the loop that we will use to close our piece
Now we will continue to move the needle through the Delicas 
and thread the needle through the Delica on the loop to make it stronger
When done with this part we will make a sewing knot.
Cut the thread
We have the first part of the closure
For the next part of our clasp, we will use 30 Delicas size 10
We will make a knot to close it in a circle
We have our circle. Now, we'll thread 2 rows using the peyote Circular Stitch Technique
Here's the finished circle with the 2 rows of Delica beads
now let's make the loop to connect to our necklace or bracelet
we will thread 5 Delica size 10
and lets create a loop
Thread the needle in the same direction of the Delicas
We pass the needle again through the 5 Delicas to reinforce it.
and use the other end of the thread to make a knot
And we cut the thread that we will not use.
PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Icy Iris


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    quedo bello

  • Posted On April 14, 2015 by carmen

    Me gusto mucho el tutorial. Fue muy bien explicado. Felicidades.

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