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1. Delicas Size 10 & 11
2. Gemstone Bead
3. Needle
4. Thread
To make a circle using the peyote stitch we will be using Delicas size 8
To make the circle we have to thread using even numbers. We're going to thread 24 Delicas.
Here we have our 24 pieces, now we'll close the circle by making a knot
Here we have our closed circle. With this done, we can start to make our circular peyote stitch
As we did with the peyote technique, we will thread one Delica
Skip one Delica and thread the next one
Thread one Delica, skip one and start threading on the next Delica
We'll continue to repeat the same steps until we go around the entire circle.
Here we have our circular peyote stitch. Now to close it, we have to place both cords together. Insert the needle through the Delicas until you reach the beginning of the stitch.
Once we have both cords together at the beginning of the stitch, we'll proceed to close it by making a knot.
All Done!!!
Now, use this technique for the next lesson!
Today, we'll learn how to cover a  focal piece using the peyote stitch. 
To cover this focal piece using the peyote stitch, we will use Delicas size 10 and size 11
We'll start making a circle using   44 Delicas size 11
Here we have our 44 Delicas threaded.  Now we'll close it by making a knot.
Let's continue making the circular peyote stitch by making 2 rows of Delicas size 11
We have our 3 rows of peyote
now we will continue the stitch while holding the piece.( Tip: You can also do this step without the piece, just make sure to measure it so it can be covered perfectly)  
But this time using Delicas size 10
Now we will continue to make 4 rows around the focal piece using the peyote technique that we learned in our last tutorial.
Here's how it will look after stitching all 4 rows. 
Now we will continue to make the other rows using Delicas size 11 
All Done!! 
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