About Us



This is a question we get asked a lot.  Many people assume that there is a Mr. Alonso Sobrino.  The answer is, there used to be... many, many years ago. Alonso Sobrino is the last name of the original founders.  The Alonso Sobrino brothers immigrated to Puerto Rico from Spain in 1921, where  they opened a fabric retail and wholesale store in Old San Juan.

After the original founders retired, the company continued to thrive with the second generation: the Alonso- Ruiz family.  Finally, in 1999 (19 years ago) Alonso Sobrino was bought by JM Soler, a close family friend who has been in the fabric business for over 50 years and is always looking for new challenges and ventures.  

Today, Alonso Sobrino is still a family owned business that has been in retail for over 90 years!  To top it off, for the past 15 years the company expanded its offerings to include beads and jewelry making supplies.  Where the latest generation of Soler women have been able to add their twist to the company's aesthetic and purpose.