Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast 2 Part Coating & Casting Resin - 8oz


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High Gloss 2 Part Clear Cast Resin, perfect for coating different materials and creating stunning pieces of jewelry.

FDA approved for indirect and direct food contact. Ideal for tumblers and similar projects!

Includes parts A & B; 4 FL OZ / 118.3 mL each, 2 sticks, and 3 cups. (8oz total)

WARNING: This kit contains chemicals that may harmful if misused. Please read all instructions and safety data sheets before using it.

This listing is only for the smallest of the three sizes we carry.  It does not include any of the other larger sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Vargas
Love it!!

Probè la resina por primera vez y me encantò demasiado!! Ademàs el servicio y ràpidez con el que trabajan las òrdenes!