Beading Basics: The Peyote Technique

Viviana Soler
 We'll begin by threading the needle with 2 yards of cord.
Leave at least 6 inches of cord 
Place both cords together and twist the needle.
 Both cords will wrap together 
 Now, we can start 
 Let's thread one seed bead 
 This first seed bead will be called the stop bead 
 This bead will help us to maintain the stitch in its place.
 Place the bead at the end of the cord.
 Thread the bead to make it stay in place.
Let's start stringing ten  seed beads
 take it to the end
and now we'll start our Peyote Stitch
First, begin by threading a seed bead through the needle
Skip the first seed bead in order to thread the needle throught the second seed bead
Repeat the same step by threading one seed bead. skipping the first one and threading through the second seed bead.
We will keep repeating this step
until we finish the first line
Once we finish the first row
We'll continue on the second row. This time it will be easier because of the seed beads that are sticking out. 
This is how it should look after stiching ten rows
Keep repeating the same steps until you finish your piece
Make sure you pull the thread to tighten the stitch
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