How to make Embellished Bangles

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Hi there!  I've mentioned in a few of my e-mails my tendency towards 5 minute DIY's (a.k.a lazy girl jewelry making).  I used to be ashamed of this, as if it meant that I wasn't a real jewelry maker... and then I realized that despite my quickie tendencies, the creative process is still the same...

Message in a bottle keychain

Viviana Soler

Hi there! When I was in my pre-teen years, I dreamed of writing a deeply personal message on a piece of paper, rolling it up, putting it inside a bottle and throwing it into the depths of the ocean.  Of coarse for the purposes of  my fantasy...

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Beading Basics: The Cross Knot

Viviana Soler

I ripped my pants the other day.... It wasn't a classic rip.  I didn't bend over and suddenly hear a loud ripping sound.  Actually, I hadn't even noticed that the pants had ripped in the first place! 

How to make a Braided Knot Necklace

Viviana Soler

Happy Fri-Yay  Today, we're teaching you to make a really, reaaallyyyyy purty necklace. It's actually one of my favorites!  Mainly because we're using Parachute cord combined...

DIY 50 Shades of Grey Bracelet

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If you're a living, breathing, human being you must have heard of a series of books called 50 Shades of Grey.  When these books first started to spread I began getting client requests for the weirdest charms...

DIY Gemstone Ring

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 Happy Thursday! Thursdays are special in our little corner of the internet. Yeap, Thursdays are a HUGE deal for us because it's the day of the week we've commited to you!  

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DIY Embellished Leather Cuff

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If you're on our e-mail list, you probably know this already, but for those of you that don't know: our bead and fabric store is located in the island of Puerto Rico. Now, this has its advantages and disadvantages.On the PLUS side: we're in the...

DIY Slave Bracelet

Viviana Soler

Don't get scared off by the name.  It's just what this type of bracelet is called.  What are you gonna do, right?   Anywhoo, despite it's rather shocking name I just LOVE the way this bracelet looks.  It's 

Beading Basics: Jewelry Wire

Viviana Soler

Happy Tuesday! A few years ago, Sandra, an acquaintance of mine, started making jewelry.She found that she really enjoyed having something to do with her hands after work.  She even created a routine...

How to make a Leather & Chain Bracelet

Viviana Soler

Did you know that an estimated 100 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday?  Incredibly enough I was not one of those 100 million people!!! I did, however, search around the interwebs the next day for...

The 411 on Stretchy Cord

Viviana Soler

I'll admit it.  I'm lazy.  That's why most of the jewelry I make is skillfully crafted with stretchy cord! It doesn't get any easier than this.  It's SO easy that we don't even offer a course on it.... 'cuz it would take a grand total of...