How to make a Braided Knot Necklace

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Happy Fri-Yay  Today, we're teaching you to make a really, reaaallyyyyy purty necklace. It's actually one of my favorites!  Mainly because we're using Parachute cord combined...

How to make a Knotted Gemstone and Tassle Necklace

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Before we dive into today's beading tutorial, we have some exciting news that we're dying to share with you.  A while back we asked our followers on social media to tell us wha.....

How to make a Three Strand Gemstone Necklace

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Today is DIY Thursday and we couldn't be happier about the overlap with Thanksgiving.  Today, we're all going to spend our day reflecting on our blessings and all of the things...

How to make a Double Cow Hitch Knot Necklace

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Aloha! Hi there! Yesterday my husband and I had the opportunity to visit some amazing beaches in Oahu. In our honeymoon, we've come to master the art of letting go and being in the moment. 

How to make a Leather & Pearl Necklace

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Man oh man do we love the necklace we made for this week's tutorial!  When I first laid eyes on the Indian leather ( the one used to make these necklaces) it was love at first sight.

How to make a Rosary Chain Shark Tooth Necklace

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Hi ladies! Have you noticed how shark tooth necklaces are are popping up all over the place? Yes? So have we!  And we couldn't be happier about it.  This week we're teaching

DIY Quartz Point Necklace

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Happy Thursday Ladies, and welcome to another round of DIY Thursday! We're back on track and we're coming in with a bang!  I've been dreaming about these necklaces for what feels like forever.

How to make a Nautical Chic Necklace

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Ladies...Isn't this necklace to die for?  We got our inspiration from a stunning necklace we found online over at BaubleBar.  If you're a beader, and if you're reading this tutorial odds are you are, then I bet you're used to the " I could make that" feeling.

DIY Tribal Necklace

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We.Love.Colors.! I've always been drawn to bright objects, bright jewelry and bright...anything.  So, its easy to see why I adore this tribal necklace.  Plus, I can't get enough of the bulky cords.

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How to make Boho Chic Bracelets

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Wow. Is it Thursday already? This week is flying by, so we wanted to take a second to introduce our latest arrivals.  Do you love working with a more relaxed bohemian look?