How to make a Knotted Gemstone and Tassle Necklace

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Before we dive into today's beading tutorial, we have some exciting news that we're dying to share with you.  A while back we asked our followers on social media to tell us what topics they're interested in and motivated to read.  The results blew us away! 
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This caused us to completely re-think our current blog posts and emails.  So, what can you expect from us from now on?
      1- Weekly Beading Tutorials (Just like before)
     Aaaaand… wait for it.....
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But wait..there's more!  We'll be sending you some pretty awesome articles with great information entirely FREE of charge!  Yeap, you read that right, we won't be charging a dime for this info; all we ask for in return is that you:
b-  Share our articles and tutorials with your like minded friends and family. Deal?  Deal!
Ok, back to our beading tutorial of the week: 
 The beading techniques we'll be teaching you today are Three Fold: 
First, you'll be learning how to create a knotted gemstone necklace. (YAY!)  
Second, we'll teach you how to make a handmade tassel (Double YAY) and
Third, we'll show you how to put these two together to make a beautiful Knotted Gemstone & Tassel Necklace.
Usually, when I think of knotting necklaces my mind immediately goes to: pearls, pearls, pearls!  Pearls are traditionally knotted due to their delicate nature.  The knot serves to protect each pearl from each other and thus they don't peel or lose their luster.  
Recently, however, we're seeing more and more knotted necklaces made with gemstones. No longer is this technique reserved exclusively for the delicate pearls!  
Knotting TIP:  Make sure you double  check that the knot is large enough to hold the beads/gemstones.  This is important because if the bead hole is larger than the knot you'll lose the desired knotted effect and the knot will hide inside the hole.  If this happens simply make an additional knot.  
If you've been following us for a while, you might have noticed our tassel inclined tutorials...  and today, we're at it again.  Tassels are extremely easy to make, plus if you get lost we've got you covered!  We dedicated an entire tutorial to making tassels a while back, so go ahead and Check it out- here.
Scroll down to watch our tutorial for the week and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite part of the video was!  
Until next time,
-AS Team
5- Gemstone Beads (Focal Point)
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Me encanto.súper fácil!

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excelente !!! como siempre…ustedes son un exito… a su tienda para mi es como ir a disney….lol !!!!

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