Beading Basics: The Cross Knot

Viviana Soler

I ripped my pants the other day.... It wasn't a classic rip.  I didn't bend over and suddenly hear a loud ripping sound.  Actually, I hadn't even noticed that the pants had ripped in the first place! 

Beading Basics: Memory Wire

Viviana Soler

There are two types of bracelets that I would make in a heart beat: Stretchy Bracelets and Memory Wire Bracelets The lazy woman in me thinks that they're the two techniques

Beading Basics: Jewelry Wire

Viviana Soler

Happy Tuesday! A few years ago, Sandra, an acquaintance of mine, started making jewelry.She found that she really enjoyed having something to do with her hands after work.  She even created a routine...

The 411 on Stretchy Cord

Viviana Soler

I'll admit it.  I'm lazy.  That's why most of the jewelry I make is skillfully crafted with stretchy cord! It doesn't get any easier than this.  It's SO easy that we don't even offer a course on it.... 'cuz it would take a grand total of...

Beading Basics: Put a Pearl on it!

Viviana Soler

Did you know that the oldest pearl necklace known to date is said to be 4,000 years old? Woah-Nelly! Oh, and did you know that women used to wear pearl necklaces to bed with the belief that said pearls would keep bad...

Quick! Head pins or Eye pins?

Viviana Soler

Quick! Heads or Tails?  I meeean: Head...pins or Eye pins? I'll admit, I used to make the decision of choosing one over the other based on availability. Pretty random, right? Now, I know better. Want to find out if you're using them the way you're 

How to Master Crimp Covers

Viviana Soler

You wouldn't put a building on a shoddy foundation...You shouldn't focus on the outside without working on the inside...You couldn't create a-ma-zing jewelry without adding crimp covers...

How to use Basic Pliers & Why you don't need 2 out of the 3

Viviana Soler

Pliers... Love 'em or hate 'em they're an important part of creating jewelry. Truth be told, there are only a handful of pliers that are...

The Beading Technique Every DIY'er Needs To Master

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Have you ever received a long letter, and instead of reading it from the beginning you decide to skip to the end only to find out that you need to go back to the beginning to...

How to make a Rosary Chain Shark Tooth Necklace

Viviana Soler

Hi ladies! Have you noticed how shark tooth necklaces are are popping up all over the place? Yes? So have we!  And we couldn't be happier about it.  This week we're teaching

How to make Fancy Earrings

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Hi there! The quote in the image above is one of several inspirational quotes I keep around my office to help me push through the not-so-great days. This one in particular is from one of my favorite websites: The Every Girl, they're geared towards young entrepreneurial women.