How to Master Crimp Covers

Viviana Soler
You wouldn't put a building on a shoddy foundation...

You shouldn't focus on the outside without working on the inside...

You couldn't create a-ma-zing jewelry without adding crimp covers...

Details are important...

and that's why, today's ALL ABOUT Crimp Covers!

Welcome to our Third BEADING BASICS article. We've committed to sharing 1 Beading Basics article a week. Each week (ahem, Tuesdays, to be exact), you'll learn a very simple, yet important beading tip, trick or anything in between.

We've already talked about wire protectors and the difference between several basic pliers; today, we'll introduce you to a Finding that you cannot overlook. The Crimp Cover.

So, what are crimp covers?

They're a tiny half open bead that is used to...wait for it... cover your crimps!

No surprise there, right?

Here's the thing, they're designed to cover unsightly crimps AND make your jewelry
look awesome, by mimicking a 3mm smooth round bead.

How do I place one of those thing-ies?

Simply grab one with a flat nose plier, place it on top of the crimp
and squish it!

After, make sure the shape actually looks round. To do this, re-shape
the crimp using the same pliers.

TIP: Don't overdo it. The crimp cover is NOT a crimp, so you don't
want to press it TOO hard and ruin its shape.

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