Beading Basics: Seed Beads & Peyote Stich

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1. Seed Beads
2. Delica Seed Bead
3. Super Duo Seed Bead
4. Tila Seed Bead
5. Needle size 10/12
 Here we have the Fireline Bead Thread. This thread is the one used for the Peyote Technique. This cord is a nylon polished cord.
 We have it in 6 pounds  and 8 pounds. This one is thicker than the 6 pounds.
 You can use the clear thread, when using seed beads with a clear color.  And you can use the smoked color thread when using seed beads with a dark color.
 Here we have the needle used for this technique. We have it available in size 10 and 12.   The size 12 is thinner and is used with smaller seed beads.
 Here we have some of the seed beads that we have available. 
Size 15,  Size 11,  Size 10,  Size 8,  Size 6.  The smaller the number the bigger the seed bead.
 Meet the Delica Beads.  The difference is that there all have the same tubular shape. In most cases, the hole has the same size. 
 Size 11,  Size 10,  Size 8
 Meet the Tila Seed Beads. They have a square shape and a double hole.
 Finally meet the Super Duo Seed Bead. They have an oval shape and they also have a double hole.
PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Art-Hur loves me

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Saludos María:
Si tenemos todos los materiales disponibles. Ven y visitanos para que puedas ver toda la variedad que tenemos. Esperamos verla por aqui


estoy en Camuy,P.R. quiero saber por favor si tienen todos los materiales para hacer estas preciosas pulseras

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