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How to make Embellished Bangles

Viviana Soler5 comments

Hi there!  I've mentioned in a few of my e-mails my tendency towards 5 minute DIY's (a.k.a lazy girl jewelry making).  I used to be ashamed of this, as if it meant that I wasn't a real jewelry maker... and then I realized that despite my quickie tendencies, the creative process is still the same...

Message in a bottle keychain

Viviana Soler

Hi there! When I was in my pre-teen years, I dreamed of writing a deeply personal message on a piece of paper, rolling it up, putting it inside a bottle and throwing it into the depths of the ocean.  Of coarse for the purposes of  my fantasy...

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Macrame Paracord Bracelet

Viviana Soler1 comment

Today, I'm going to give you a behind the scenes look into our DIY publishing process.   Did you know that the DIY's we publish twice a week were created at least 3 weeks in advance? Yeap, we just HAD to come up with a way of working ahead of our publishing schedule;

Beading Basics: The Cross Knot

Viviana Soler

I ripped my pants the other day.... It wasn't a classic rip.  I didn't bend over and suddenly hear a loud ripping sound.  Actually, I hadn't even noticed that the pants had ripped in the first place! 

How to make a Braided Knot Necklace

Viviana Soler

Happy Fri-Yay  Today, we're teaching you to make a really, reaaallyyyyy purty necklace. It's actually one of my favorites!  Mainly because we're using Parachute cord combined...

DIY 50 Shades of Grey Bracelet

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If you're a living, breathing, human being you must have heard of a series of books called 50 Shades of Grey.  When these books first started to spread I began getting client requests for the weirdest charms...

Beading Basics: Knotting for beginners

Viviana Soler

Hi You! Have you knotted before?  I ask because I used to love making friendship and macramé bracelets when I was younger.

DIY Gemstone Ring

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 Happy Thursday! Thursdays are special in our little corner of the internet. Yeap, Thursdays are a HUGE deal for us because it's the day of the week we've commited to you!  

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