Macrame Paracord Bracelet

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Today, I'm going to give you a behind the scenes look into our DIY publishing process.  

Did you know that the DIY's we publish twice a week were created at least 3 weeks in advance?

Yeap, we just HAD to come up with a way of working ahead of our publishing schedule; otherwise our minds would have exploded by now! #multitasking

You see, these tutorials don't just happen in three or four hours.  No.  

First, we need to come up with the idea, then, we have to make a sample... if we like what Yesenia designed, we add it to our calendar and on the day scheduled we record it.

A few days after recording the tutorial, it's time to: tan tan tan taaaaan- EDIT the video!

Oooh editing, God bless Shazaira for her patience.  This angel of a human being sits there and edits the heck out of these tutorials, only to have me take a look at it and ask her to re-do anything that wasn't completely crisp & clear.  Sure, sometimes it turns out to be just a small tweak here or there...but other times.. other times Yesenia and Shazaira have to go back and record an entire section of the tutorial again.  

Yes, ladies.  We put in tons and tons of love and hard work into these FREE tutorials for you.  

We don't want FREE to mean low quality.  No, we want FREE, VALUABLE & HIGH QUALITY. That's what we've committed to, because that's what our customers deserve.

Why do we do all this for free, you ask?

Well, there are a few reasons:

First, because we're passionate about what we do.  We love beads, we love creating beautiful jewelry and we love teaching people.  This is our own unique way of giving back.

Second, we believe that by giving away our knowledge and tutorials, we're sending some pretty good vibes out there.  So why wouldn't we get nice, positive vibes back?  

Third,  because we can!

So... this Thursday we're finally publishing our Paracord Macramé Personalized bracelet.  

Look at the picture below.  Isn't the bracelet beautiful?  

After reading what we go through to make these tutorials for you.  Do you see them in a different light or did you always assume that the process went something like that?

Let us know what you think!  Trust me, both of these ladies and I have a huge dance party whenever we receive positive feedback :)  Which is not to say we can't take negative comments too.  Because we can!

I just love Frida & this food & flower rendition from Oh Happy Day is simply stunning.  Just thought you'd enjoy it too!
PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Art-Hur loves me
Hearts- Black Canvas & Stay true to the art
"Talk" soon!
-Viviana Soler
AS Team 

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Me gusto el video, esta claramente explicado paso a paso como se hace esta bella y sencilla pulsera. gracias !!!

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