Beading Basics: The Cross Knot

Viviana Soler

I ripped my pants the other day....

It wasn't a classic rip.  I didn't bend over and suddenly hear a loud ripping sound.  Actually, I hadn't even noticed that the pants had ripped in the first place! 

It wasn't until I got home and took my pants off that I realized I had been walking around with a gaping hole in my pants. 

Yes.  That happened :-/

I wasn't sure if the location of the hole had exposed me or not... so what did I do?

I put the pants back on to find out!! hahaha

I wanted, I NEEDED to know if I should be mortified or relieved. 

Result?  I'm about 80% sure nobody saw anything... Phewh! I'll take it!

Maybe if I knew how to make a Cross Knot, I could have fixed my pants.  

Wait, no.

This isn't a sewing cross knot, this cross knot is for jewelry making!

On that note: It's Tuesday!  Which can only mean one thing: 

You've got a new Beading Basics Tutorial in your inbox!! Happy dance!!

​Last week we taught you how to make a sliding button knot, and today we're teaching you how to make the cross knot...which will NOT, I repeat, will NOT help you in any way if and/or when you rip your pants.

​The Supplies you'll need for today's tutorial is extremely versatile.  Simply choose your favorite cord and combine it with your favorite beads or if you're in the mood for some brand new supplies, click here to shop!  

Please excuse the picture quality in the last one.  That's what happens when you take a selfie with a 3 year old! You just have to snap the picture and thank your lucky stars :)

What about you? Have you ever found yourself in an unknowingly embarassing position like me?
I want to hear ALL about it!
Simply reply with your story.
I read & respond to every one.
Remember to watch out for our next tutorial on Thursday!!
"Talk" soon,
Viviana Soler
AS Team
PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Who's the Em-Boss

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