DIY You So Fancy Earrings

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Hi there! The other day I discovered a jewelry designer on Instagram that completely blew my mind. Her name is Melissa, and she's both a teacher and an entrepreneur. Melissa is the founder of Shop Compliment. She created 

How to make Handmade Wire & Pearl Earrings

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Aloha Ladies!  On Monday, my new husband and I flew for over 15 hours from Puerto Rico to Hawaii for our  honeymoon.  It's so exciting

How to make Fancy Earrings

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Hi there! The quote in the image above is one of several inspirational quotes I keep around my office to help me push through the not-so-great days. This one in particular is from one of my favorite websites: The Every Girl, they're geared towards young entrepreneurial women.

How to make Tassel & Connector Earrings

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Happy 4th of July!! As promised, today we're publishing a second tassel tutorial as our gift to you for the 4th of July. These earrings are remarkably easy to make and extremely beautiful. Its amazing what can be done with al little imagination and the right materials :) Yesterday, in our first tassel tutorial we hinted at the ridiculous amount of pictures we took this week, and after seeing today's post you'll see why. We had tons of fun making