How to make Handmade Wire & Pearl Earrings

Viviana Soler

Aloha Ladies!  On Monday, my new husband and I flew for over 15 hours from Puerto Rico to Hawaii for our  honeymoon.  It's so exciting to finally be able to relax and enjoy some time off (beach, spa, hiking and all that jazz).  But it's not all fun and games for us, Michael and I are both very absentminded people...( I predict we will be locking ourselves outside of the house a few times a year)...and as luck would have it, we managed to lose an iPad on one of the 3 airplanes we took last Monday (huge bummer).  I'll be contacting Ripley's Believe it or not to see if we broke a world record or something...

Regardless, we're determined to make the most out of our time in Maui and Oahu and that brings us to today's DIY earrings.  We usually succumb to showing you how to make earrings with extremely easy techniques, we do this to make sure our tutorials are easy to make regardless of your beading experience....but not today! Today's earrings are a bit more difficult, because you're literally creating the shape of the earrings with Artistic Wire!  We're not saying this to discourage you, but we do want you to sit down to make these with a little bit more patience than is usually necessary.  

Since I already mentioned that I got married last Saturday, we decided to share a few pictures from our wedding, one is with Michael, my husband, another is with my father (right before walking down the isle), a third is of our Polaroid camera (a wedding gift from our friend Adriana) and last but not least a picture of our amazing view in Maui.  Stay tuned for more amazing pictures in the coming weeks :)  

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Scroll down to watch our video tutorial and feed your crafty soul!


1- 20 Gauge Artistic Wire

2- Potato Fresh Water Pearl 8x7mm

3- 2mm Gold Brass Rolo Chain

4- A need to bead*

5- 2" Inch Headpins

6- 8mm Jump Rings

* Not for sale, must come from within 











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