How to make a Knotted Gemstone and Tassle Necklace

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Before we dive into today's beading tutorial, we have some exciting news that we're dying to share with you.  A while back we asked our followers on social media to tell us wha.....

How to make Boho Chic Bracelets

Viviana Soler

Wow. Is it Thursday already? This week is flying by, so we wanted to take a second to introduce our latest arrivals.  Do you love working with a more relaxed bohemian look?

How to make a tassel stretchy bracelet

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Last week we published a tassel necklace and some tassel earrings; so, in keeping with last week's trend, we decided to finish it off with the only accessory we were missing: Tassel Bracelets!! 

How to make Tassel & Connector Earrings

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Happy 4th of July!! As promised, today we're publishing a second tassel tutorial as our gift to you for the 4th of July. These earrings are remarkably easy to make and extremely beautiful. Its amazing what can be done with al little imagination and the right materials :) Yesterday, in our first tassel tutorial we hinted at the ridiculous amount of pictures we took this week, and after seeing today's post you'll see why. We had tons of fun making

How to make a Tassel & Gemstone Necklace

Viviana Soler

Hi there! We've been busy, busy, busy over at the AS Studio! Yesenia, our DIC (designer in chief) was inspired by the TASSEL trend and we thought we'd work on not one, but two tassel tutorials