How to make Boho Chic Bracelets

Viviana Soler
Wow. Is it Thursday already? This week is flying by, and we wanted to take a second to introduce our latest arrivals.  Do you love working with a more relaxed bohemian look?  Then  you'll love our latest collection of wood beads, horn beads, seeds and coco!  Plus, we made a really cute boho-chic tutorial for you that should get your creative juices flowing :)
Besides the wood, horn, bone and seeds, needed for the tutorial ,you'll also need stretch cord, thread snips and nylon cord (to make the tassel).  Click on any of the links to purchase each one of these  materials in our shop.  
Don't forget to come back every Thursday for another round of DIY Thursday, where you'll find a weekly dose of beading tutorials and inspiration for your designs.  

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