Beading Basics: Rocket Knot

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How to make this knot, here is your Cheat Sheet!!!
 To make this knot we will need 4 strands of cord, 1 yard each
 We will place them making a cross
 Tip: We will need pins to hold the cords in place
 Place cord A on top of cord B 
 Place a pin to hold the cord in place 
 Place cord B on top of cord A and C
 Place a pin 
 Place cord C on top of cord B and D 
 Pass cord D through the top of cord C and through the top and bottom of cord A
Here we have the knot already formed.
Proceed to close the knot by pulling each cord.
Here we have the first knot made.
Repeat the same steps to make more knots.
Here we have the final result.
The Rocket Knot

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Blanca Quiles

Me encanto, este modo es mas fa il aprender. Exitos.

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