Beading Basics: Sliding Button Knot

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In this 1st video, you'll learn how to make a SLIDING Button Knot. Perfect for necklaces when you don't feel like using a clasp. This is the same button knot we taught you on our last Beading Basic Tutorial.
 Here we have two strands of 2 yards each 
 First we are going to identify both cords. The inner cord will be letter A and the outside cord will be letter B 
 We are going to make the knot with cord A 
 We start with one loop, 
 then we make another loop on top 
Insert the cord through
1. the top
2. the bottom
3. the top
4. the bottom
 Now we have three loops
 Insert the cord through the top and the bottom of these other two cords
 Now look at the third loop 
 At the end of the third loop you will insert cord B 
 Insert cord B from the bottom to the top  
 Start closing the knot with the B cord in the middle  
 Here we have the knot with cord B in the middle  
  Now we will repeat the same steps to make the next knot but this time we will use cord B  
 Here we have the other knot made with the cord B 
 As we did before, at the end of the third loop we are going to insert cord A 
 Here we have both knots, now we are going to cut the extra cord that we will not use. 
 Before cutting, check which cord we can pull 
 Do not cut the cord that you can pull, cut the one that cannot be pulled.
 Repeat the same step on the other side.The cord that cannot be pulled, is the one that we are going to cut 
 Our final result is the sliding button knot. 
 We can use this knot to close cord necklaces without using a clasp.  
Materials used:
1. Parachute Cord ( 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm)
PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Into you intaglio

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Me gusto mucho el video, muy practico y sencillo

Linda Qualey

This is a wonderful tutorial.


Gracias, may interesante y aparentemente fácil. Veremos …..

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