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Happy Thursday!

Thursdays are special in our little corner of the internet,.  Yeap, Thursdays are a HUGE deal for us because it's the day of the week we've commited to you!  

Every single Thursday, no matter what, we publish a new jewelry DIY.  We've covered sooooo many different techniques by now that you could become an expert by simply browsing our blog!  How cool is that?

Not to mention that Thursday is the day before Friday, and who doesn't love Fridays?  Thursday is cool by proximity.

So, THIS Thursday in particular, we decided to go with a handmade gemstone ring.  Claribel and Yesenia (our two jewelry designers & teachers) have gone Artistic Wire crazy lately.  They'll wire wrap a bicycle if you let them!

Hmm.. that would be fun, wouldn't it?  Food for thought.​

To make these beauties you'll need: 

PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Into you Intaglio 


  • Posted On March 03, 2015 by Viviana

    Gracias Mirtha!! :)

  • Posted On February 26, 2015 by Mirtha

    Me encantan los tutoriales con ese sabor puertorriqueño! Felicidades

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