Beading Basics: Memory Wire

Viviana Soler
There are two types of bracelets that I would make in a heart beat: 
Stretchy Bracelets and Memory Wire Bracelets
The lazy woman in me thinks that they're the two techniques that allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck.  In other words, they're easier to make than spaghetti aaaaand nobody will be able to tell that they werent' bought in an expensive boutique. 
Sneaky, sneaky.
The key to these bracelets is simple: use quality gemstones & be creative.
That's it!
Today, I'm inviting you to cross over to the dark side... Wait, no...What I meant was...
Today, I want to show you how to make memory wire bracelets.  
Yeah. That's better.

 Memory Wire: 
As you can see, there are a number of different sizes and colors.  You can choose from, there's:
 - memory wire for rings,
- memory wire for necklaces and
- memory wire for bracelets
Now, because of the thickness of this wire, we don't recommend you use just ANY cutter.  The plier we recommend is the Parrot Beak Wire Cutter.  It's THE perfect match!
Make sure you watch the video below to learn our best tips for closing these easy bracelets!!
PS: I felt like making a face with the different memory wires.  I used the big necklace sized memory wire for the eyes, the ring sized wire for the nose and the bracelet sized wire for the mouth.  The rest is confetti and the two DIY rings we'll be teaching you to make on Thursday :) 
PPS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Essie
Color- Good as Gold

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