How to make a Pyrite Lareat Necklace

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Hi there!
I first learned to make jewelry when I was 16 (about 13 years ago).  
I remember taking that first lesson and feeling completely overwhelmed by 
all the new terms I'd never heard of and all the steps I needed to remember.  
In fact, the second time I tried to make that same basic necklace, I couldn't remember how to finish it!  #embarrassing
Luckily, my grandmother (who had taken the lesson with me), immediately
got it and helped me through it. 
But I didn't give up!
Finally, the THIRD time I tried making a necklace, everything flowed naturally.  I didn't even have to think about it.  I knew what I needed to do. 
By the third time I couldn't believe I thought making a necklace was difficult the first time around.  
Funny, huh?
That's just how it goes.  Learning a new skill can feel overwhelming at times.  
The important thing is to push through that feeling of overwhelm and keep trying.  
With that said, today, we have a NEW beading tutorial for you.
Yes, it's a new skill (an easy one I might add), and yes, it can feel intimidating to try something new...
But don't let that stop you. You WILL surprise yourself with what you can do.
Today, we'll show you how to make an out of this world Pyrite Lareat Necklace.  
Scroll down to find out exactly what you'll need in order to make your own version of our Lareat Necklace!
3. 3" Eye Pins
5. 10mm Pyrite Stones
6. 5mm Pyrite Stones
7. Gold Filled Wire

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Very easy to make, simple, but beautiful! Love the pyrite stones. Thank you

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