Quick! Head pins or Eye pins?

Viviana Soler

Quick! Heads or Tails?

 I meeean: Head...pins or Eye pins?

I'll admit, I used to make the decision of choosing one over the other based on availability. Pretty random, right?

Now, I know better.

Want to find out if you're using them the way you're supposed to?

Awesome! Simply scroll down and watch our short Beading Basics video tutorial of the week.

Eye pins vs. Head Pins:

Yes, they're quite similar, but no, they're not the same.  As their name suggests, the end of the eye pin is shaped like an eye (or loop), while the end of the head pin is simply flat.  

Why would you choose one over the other? 

The answer will depend on what you're using it for.  

Head pins are ideal when you want to add a bead at the end of your design.  This means that you're not looking to connect the bead to anything else.  

Eye pins on the other hand, are ideal when you DO want to connect it to something else.  The pre-made loop simply saves you the time and effort of making an additional loop on the other side.  

In today's video, we'll teach you how to differentiate the two AND how to make the loops :)  

Make sure you come back this Thursday to watch a brand new DIY!  

"Talk" to you soon,


AS Team

PS: Yesenia's (our Designer in Chief) nail polish today is FingerPaints Gel Polish
Color- Black Canvas

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