Beading Basics: Jewelry Wire

Viviana Soler
Happy Tuesday!
A few years ago, Sandra, an acquaintance of mine, started making jewelry.
She found that she really enjoyed having something to do with her hands after work.  She even created a routine where she would:
- open a bottle of wine
- listen to her favorite music
 - and let the unwinding begin
 (Through beading of course)  
As Sandra began experimenting, she started making some pretty amazing necklaces. They were big, bright and oh so chunky.  
Finally, she created what she KNEW was her best design to date.  It was an extra long wrap around necklace with the perfect combination of gemstones, tassels and charms.  You could wrap it around your neck three or four times if you wanted! 
Sandra loved it so much that she decided to wear it for a special occasion.  
Valentine's Day was coming up so she bought herself a brand new outfit that complimented the necklace to a T.  
Her husband had made reservations at their favorite restaurant.   Which, by the way, happened to be where he proposed to her last year! 
That night Sandra looked and felt stunning.  Then, as soon as they walked into the restaurant the unthinkable happened.....
Tun, tun, tuunnn....
Sandra felt something tug on her neck and she heard tons of beads falling on the floor of the jam packed restaurant.  

(If you've ever made jewelry with your own two hands you KNOW how heart wrenching this can be.  After all the love and hard work you poured into your necklace, it goes and breaks in PUBLIC!!)
This was a moment she would never forget...but for all the wrong reasons :(
After this embarrassing (to say the least), moment Sandra knew she couldn't let it happen again.  So, she contacted me and showed me her design with the supplies she used.  
She wanted to know where she went wrong and what she needed to do to avoid another potential V-Day disaster. 
After examining what she had done I realized that this situation could've easily been averted.  

As it turns out, the ONLY mistake she had made was choosing the wrong jewelry wire for her design.  
You see, not all jewelry wire is created equal.  
The more sophisticated your design, the more attention you need to pay to your basic supplies. 
In the image below you can see three different jewelry wires.  Yes, they're all different brands, but that's not what separates one from the other.  Look closer and see if you can tell the difference between these 3:
Did you see it?  
Are you sure?
Ok, if you guessed that the difference was the number of strands in the wire you are correct!!
You go girl!
If you guessed that the difference was the diameter, then you are definitley on the right track, but that's not what would have made a difference in Sandra's case.
If you didn't catch either of the two, don't worry, most people don't notice these subtleties.  
We've got: 
2- 7 strands and
After reading what happened to Sandra you KNOW that, for her huge chunky necklace, she needed the 49 strand jewelry wire hands down.  
If you want to become a jewelry wire expert and avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong materials for your project, make sure to scroll down and watch our tutorial :) 
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