How to make a Leather & Chain Bracelet

Viviana Soler

Did you know that an estimated 100 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday?  

Incredibly enough I was not one of those 100 million people!!!

I did, however, search around the interwebs the next day for the Super Bowl commercials and performances.  Those.  Those, I could not miss.  

If you're anything like me (and I bet you are), I think you'll really enjoy this article from Forbes with a quick recap of this year's super bowl commercials: click here

Plus, you really, really, must watch Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart & Will Ferrel's Lip Synch Battle right after the Super Bowl.  Click here

Wondering what the Super Bowl ads have to do with today's DIY?

Nothing, I just thought you would enjoy watching a few multi-million dollar commercials and a great lip synch battle today :)

Your welcome.

In other news, today's leather & chain bracelet tutorial is just stunning.  I know I'm not exactly a neutral party here, but look at it, don't you just want to wear one?

PS: Yesenia (our Designer in Chief's) nail polish today is from Finger Paints Gel Polish
Color- Stay true to the Art
Thanks for watching!
"Talk" to you next week,
AS Team

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