How to make a Wire Wrapped Druzy Bracelet

Viviana Soler
Another week has flown by and has left us wondering where the time went- yet again!  Is it just us or is this a relatively common thing?  I was having breakfast with a friend of mine the other day and we suddenly realized that it had literally been 2 months since we'd last seen each other!  TWO months! That's the equivalent of a year and a half in women-friendship time....well, if you take into consideration that we used to have weekly breakfast dates. So, what happened?  Life-work-relationships-family-more work-and on-and on #worklifebalance  
So it quickly became apparent to us that we could no longer rely on our breakfast dates because our schedules were constantly changing...and that's when it hit me.  I could host a craft night at my house!  Enter today's DIY bracelet.  I'm going to make a kit for each of my friends with all the materials we'll need, we'll have some wine, some dips from "La Hacienda"  and we'll be all set for some DIY fun!  Can't wait to share the result of our craft nigth with you lovely ladies.  
For those of you who are super duper detail oriented, you might have noticed that the red leather bracelet with the green druzy heart is different from the other two.  Yes ladies, that is another type of bracelet, but the wire wrapping technique is the same.  It's simply another idea for those of you who are leather lovers :)
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PS: All of the materials above can be purchased in our bead shop by clicking on any of the links.
*PSS: Not for sale. Must be come from within!

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