How to make a Three Strand Gemstone Necklace

Viviana Soler
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Today is DIY Thursday and we couldn't be happier about the overlap with Thanksgiving.  Today, we're all going to spend our day reflecting on our blessings and all of the things we have in our life that we're grateful for.  This year I've decided to do the reflecting a little differently. After a little push from a friend, I was convinced to reflect by doing some journaling!  Yes, you read that right: journaling.  You already know how important gratefulness can be for your level of satisfaction and happiness.  What you probably didn't know was that it's not enough to be thankful for your family, your job, your house, etc.  Those are all great things to be grateful for but they are not enough.  Research shows that when you are able to chose just ONE thing and then go deep into WHY you're grateful for that one thing, you experience a deeper sense of gratitude and happiness.  Interesting… So, in light of this new info. I decided to give it a try and will be starting today, on Thanksgiving :)  
The DIY tutorial we made for you today is one we recommend bookmarking.  It is a Classic.  You could probably make dozens of different variations of this necklace by simply changing the beads you use and altering the length.  
Scroll down to see a detailed list of the materials used and scroll a little further down to watch the video tutorial.  
What's the one thing you're grateful for today?  Let us know in the comments section below.
11. Clippers

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