How to make a Leather & Pearl Necklace

Viviana Soler7 comments
Man oh man do we love the necklace we made for this week's tutorial!  When I first laid eyes on the Indian leather ( the one used to make these necklaces) it was love at first sight.  
I knew in an instant that our bead store needed to have these beauties (I literally convinced myself that no self-respecting bead store could survive without it).  So, with this in mind, it might come as a surprise to you that despite all this.. I didn't actually make anything with it!... Wait, What? 
You see, here's the thing... I like it SO much that I just want to have it in my vicinity, I want to look at it and admire it.  The thought of cutting into it is heart breaking.  I'm crazy like this, I know.  So.. THANK GOD for Yesenia, who loves the Indian Leather as much as I do, but is sane enough to design a necklace and cut it mercilessly for the sake of fashion.  
Please note that the pearls we used are large hole pearls.  Each hole measures 2mm!
*Not for sale, must come from within
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Patricia Cranford

I have been wanting to make a letter and pearl necklace for a while.
Thanks for the Video instructions!

Dawn Jones

Just beatiful


love this video the necklace is stunning. I am going to make one my first right now. It has always been a bit scary to me but with this video I’m ready to go! I have been making jewelry for 6 years and I love doing this.


Thanks for your video, I’m new at this and was not sure if I could glue the pearls into place.
Nice work!


Your necklace is just stunning!


Hi Kathie!! What a beautiful comment. YOU have totally made our day!!! Can’t thank you enough for your lovely message.
-AS Team

Kathie Giese

First I want to thank you and for your excellent video demonstrations. They are clear professional, quick and easy. I’m new to the jewelry making business and have spent wasted countless hours viewing boring, out of focus and boring commentary.
You made my day, year, etc.! I will most certainly share your web site with everyone, and make sure they share it too.
Again, thank you, and I’m looking forward to more of your tutorials!!

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