How to make a Feather Head Piece (Costume)

Viviana Soler


Happy Halloween Week!! We love dressing up and Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to do just that!  Plus, we have SO many cool and funky material in our store that it's impossible not to get inspired!  A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram the result of Yesenia and Claribel's brainstorming session and this is what they came up with:  



Do you see design #4?? That's the sketch for today's tutorial!  We still have another Costume tutorial up our sleeve, so come back soon to check it our or sing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this post or click here if you want us to e-mail you the tutorial :)  

We're beyond pleased with the end result and surprised with how easy it is to make.  Being constantly surrounded by material is great, but actually seeing what you can come up with using those materials is exhilarating! We have a huge wall filled with beautiful feather, boas, trims and fringes, who would have thought they could all be combined to create something like this?


1- Peacock Long Feathers

2- Peacock Short Feathers

3- Peacock Fringe with Bias

4- Neon Green Feathers

5- Blue Feathers

6- Felt

7- Hot Glue Gun

8- Hot Glue refills

9- Flat Back Crystals

10- Elastic Cord

11- Paper

12- Card Board

13- Scissors

14- Pen

15- Ruler

16- Stapler




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