How to make a braided paracord necklace

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This week, we've created a boho chic necklace perfect for the upcoming holiday season with its bright colors and flirty nature. The cord we're using is known as: Parachute cord or paracord.  Wondering what a parachute cord is? Well, it's simply a light weight nylon cord that comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and prints.  It was the cord used for Parachutes by the U.S. during World War II, hence the name: Parachute Cord!  The most common one is the 550 parachute cord, which can withstand 550 pounds of pressure.  In our store you'll find this 550 cord in the 4mm collection.
  In the jewelry making world this cord gained popularity with the beautiful survival bracelets.  These bracelets were used mainly in the military, but now it's not unusual to find some fashionable civilians wearing two or three at a time.  

We hope you enjoy our Tutorial below and don't forget to come back for your weekly dose of new and exciting projects.  We'll be posting on our blog and our YouTube Channel on a weekly basis. 
1- 18 feet of 4mm Parachute Cord
3- Glue
4- 2 end caps
5- Scissors
We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for future posts.  Please leave any suggestions or comments below.

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I like this tutorial, probably because of the images. I think i will feature this bracelet at my site (



Gracias Ana! <3


Gracias por enviar este tutorial por FB , los que estamos lejos como yo en Juana Diaz puedo pedir por internet los materiales a uds ya que no me es posible ir a l area nmetro …y lo hacemos ya que uds nos estan enviando por int los pedidos Muy agradecida….En ponce y pueblos limitrofes no tenemos nada donde comprara nada ni telas noi nada. ojala uds pongan esta tienda aca en el sur….Pero agradecida con los tutoriales y por dponer para comprar por internet en su tienda….

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