Rosary Chains 101

Viviana Soler
Good morning!  Today we thought we'd share a little bit of our office space with you as well as the inspiration for our latest video Tutorial: How to make a simple loop with wire.    The technique we're teaching in our video is one of the most basic beading techniques.  It's needed for any jewelry design.  Whether you want to add some sparkle or close your necklace, you'll definitely need to know how to make a simple loop.  In a future tutorial we'll teach you how to make a wrap around loop which is a bit more advanced and much safer for your designs.  
In the picture above you can see our November calendar with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which helps us stay inspired and energized throughout the day.  In the picture below, you can see a rosary chain, which we have for sale on our online store.  It's made with Fire-Polished beads and linked with loops.  We see a lot of them being used to make rosaries, hence the name: Rosary Chain :)  If you're the kind of person that likes to make everything from scratch, you can still make your own rosary chain using the loop making technique taught in the video we mentioned.  
Stay inspired!

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