DIY Message in a bottle necklace- Christmas edition

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Happy Holidays!  Here at AS we absolutely adore the Christmas season and we're especially excited about this week's DIY Message in a bottle necklace!  As you can see, we've tailored our color choices to red, white and green.  We can't wait to make a dozen of these necklaces to give to our loved ones and significant others.  This is a quick and easy project that shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes to make.  
2- Three Jump Rings
4- Two end cords
5- One head pin
6- Glass Bottle
9- Glue
Begin by inserting a head pin through the cork.  Make sure it raeches all the way to the end.
Next, using you round nosed plier, make a wrap around loop.  This loop is done by bending the head pin over the tip of the plier and wrapping it around the bottom of the head pin.  These steps are illustrated in the pictures above and below.
Cut the excess wire, and begin inserting the assortment of beads inside the bottle.
Add some glue on the inside edges of the bottle to make sure the cork remains safely in place.  Let it dry completely before continuing with the next steps. 
Next, open and insert an 8mm jump ring through the loop you made on top of the cork.
Cut the suede cord to the desired length of the necklace and insert it through the jump ring.  
Finally, to close the necklace, take one of the two end cords and place it at the end of the cord.  Using the flat nosed plier you're going to flatten both sides of the end cord until it is safely holding the cord in place.
Repeat this same step on the other end of the necklace.
Open a 5mm jump ring and insert a spring ring clasp.
Next, insert said jump ring on the end cord and close it.  On the other side of the necklace you're only going to add one jump ring.
Your finished product should look like the picture above: end cord jump ring, clasp, jump ring and end cord.
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Eileen Hernandez

Encantada con sus variedades y sus videos que veo se entienden muy bien. Me gustaria aprender a confeccionarlos. La botellitas para Navidad se ven preciosas. Podria darme un aproximado de una inversion para una docena de botellitas y todo el material para confeccionarlas incluyendo las pinzas y todo lo necesario que se necesita. Gracias, en espera de su contestacion.

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