What are druzy beads?

Viviana Soler
Hi all!  My name is Viviana and today's post is a very special and personal one for me.  As most of you know, Alonso Sobrino (AS) is a family owned business, but more than that, it's my family's business :).  I've had the privilege of working here since '08, ( I started right after I finished my bachelor's degree in business management). From 2008-2012, I wasn't only working at AS, but also going to law school at night.  WHAT.A.RIDE.  I loved law school despite the sleepless nights and constant fatigue, because I got to meet a lot of amazing people (including my husband to be!),and I learned  many interesting and useful lessons, about law and life.  Unfortunately, halfway through I realized that practicing law probably wasn't for me.  Why? Because I had fallen in love with my day job!  Since I've never been a quitter, I decided to finish school, and in 2012 I graduated and passed both the local and federal bar exams (hooray!!).   Its been five months since my last bar exam and today, I'm finally ready to officially introduce myself to all of you. 
The reason is: you're going to be reading A LOT more from me in the near future and you deserve to know the team behind the scenes.  The beautiful young woman in the pictures is not me, but its pretty darn close, she's my best friend who also happens to be my cousin (ha!).  She's a lawyer with an awesome sense of humor who lets me take pictures of her for our site.  What a trooper, right?
In future posts I'll be introducing you to the rest of the team little by little, we're all uber excited about our new site and can't wait to share all the wonderful projects we have in store for you.  
Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, why don't I go ahead and tell you what in the world a druzy bead is!  Scroll down to find the answer.  
What I love most about druzy beads is how delicate and feminine they look.  If you're struggling to come up with a design idea, druzies are the way to go! They look really expensive and they won't break the bank.  
Druzy beads are also known as druse, drusie or drusy, whichever way you prefer to call them is just fine, just know you're all talking about the same thing.  As you can see by just looking at them, they're shiny and sparkly, that's because they're many, many tiny quartz crystals that have formed a type of coating on top of a rock or gemstone over the years.  You'll find as many druzies as there are gemstones.  In the very bottom picture of this post we have some druzy amethyst pendants and in the pictures above you can see a good example of a druzy quartz pendant.  
We hope you found this post useful.  If you have any questions or comments let us know.  We would love to hear what you think.


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