How to make a fancy cuff bracelet

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Happy Thursday! This week has been so hectic but oh. so. exciting!  I've learned so many new things about the online world and I can't wait to start putting it all into practice.  You're sure to see the difference on our website in the coming weeks.  For example, we're in the process of creating a weekly newsletter where we'll be sharing beading tutorials and business tips and tricks for all of you awesome ladies who are dying to start your own jewelry line.  
If you wish to sign up all you need to do is create an account on our site :)
Last Monday I was talking to a friend of mine who was admiring a bracelet I made and she commented on how she wished she had the talent to make her own jewelry....and that's when it hit me.  Talent?  What talent? There's this common misconception about the difficulty of making jewelry.  Most people think its something that only the artistic and creative can handle, but that's where they're wrong.  Making jewelry is a beautiful and fulfilling hobby (and/or business) that doesn't require any particular set of skills other than an awesome attitude, passion for fashion and desire to learn.  Don't get me wrong, a little bit of creativity never hurt anyone, but if you're passionate about fashion and jewelry, then why the heck not make your own?  
This week we hope to inspire you to make something that you love. 

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Rosa: Gracias!!!
Raquel: You can buy anything you see on our page online :) Simply click on any of the collections in the navigation bar :) Are you looking for anything specific?

Raquel Maisonet

How I can buy the things for example to make the cuff bracelet? Do I have to go to the store? Can I buy it through the computer? Thanks

Rosa Arce

Me encanta su tienda me gustaría que saber si brindan seminarios gracias

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