DIY Pearl & Brooch Necklace

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 Here in Puerto Rico, we have beautiful weather all year long... we basically only have 1 season. :)  Now, while I know this sounds amazing (and it is), its not all fun and games.  It can sometimes get waaayy too hot and you really never know when it will start raining, but in general, we really can't complain.  The day Judy and I took these pictures, (Judy is my cousin and the girl in the pictures) we got really lucky.  We had been planning the shoot for weeks and had been able to clear our schedules for this day in particular.  As soon as we woke up that morning I knew we were in trouble, it had been raining all day long, and we seriously considered cancelling, but something came over us and we decided to take our chances, rain and all.  As luck would have it we arrived just as the sun came out and left just as the rain came in.  

The necklace in this DIY (Do It Yourself) was designed by Yesenia Machuca, our designer and teacher at AS.  The design was inspired by Prom night, whether she's headed to Prom or on a hot date, the point is she wants to look stunning with a handmade necklace.  

Would you believe it if we told you that the stunning piece you see in the pictures is actually a brooch?? Well, it is! (We've added a few brooches to our site for you to choose from.  You'll find the links below).  

I'm uber excited about this DIY video, I'm still getting the hang of this editing your own videos thing, but this one is by far my favorite.  I really hope you enjoy the video and find the courage to make it yourself!  Trust us, if we can do it, so can you!


1- Crystal Rhinestone Brooch

2- Fresh Water Pearls

3- 4mm Swarovski Bicones

4- Swarovski Cubes

5- 5mm Jump Rings

6- Hook & Eye Clasp

7- Pliers

8- Jewelry Wire


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AMAZING… I am spechless… Always wanted to know how to do these kind of bracelets & earrings… Now I know & upgraded my skills a couple of grades more… Have expanded my items to an area of the business I can grow with… Thank you & keep them coming… Loving it even more…

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