DIY- Stamping Basics

Viviana Soler

 Is it Friday yet?  No! It's THURSDAY! Thursdays are now my favorite day of the week.  If you haven't heard, we just created a new series called "DIY Thursday", where we're committed to publishing a new DIY project every thursday in our blog and YouTube Channel. :)  So make sure you check in with us once a week to take advantage of our latest free tutorials.  All we ask in return is for you to share our video and subscribe to our channel.  


We've just launched a new stamping line on our site and our brick and mortar store that we're really excited about.  We decided to go with Impress Art, because we were really impressed, (pun intended) with the quality of their products.  They're not only beautifully made, but durable and of great quality. Below, we've added the links where you'll find each one of the products in the video.  


STAMPING TIP:  The stamping blanks come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials.  In our store you'll find both Aluminum and Pewter blanks.  The aluminum blanks are a lot cheaper, thinner and lighter.  They're also better suited for those of you who are still learning how to stamp.  The pewter blanks look a lot sturdier, they're heavier and of better quality.  We would recommend you try each one to see which one best suits your needs.  





1- Stamping Blanks

2- Hammer

3- Alphabet Stamps

4- 2 hole punch

5- Stamping Tape

6- Steel Stamping Block

 If you would like to know where they're located in our store. Simply go to: Tools & Supplies> Stamping Supplies> and then choose between: >Stamping Blanks or >Alphabet Stamps or >Metal Working Tools.


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