How to make a druzy necklace

Viviana Soler
Who said that making beautiful jewelry has to be difficult and time consuming?  As long as you have the right materials its a cinch!  Today's DIY (Do It Yourself) is the best example, all we had to do was let the pendant shine on its own.  I always used to struggle with this in the past, I thought that if it was easy to make, it didn't actually count as a "design", but guess what?  All I needed to do was to get out of my own head!  I eventually figured out that I loved simple but elegant jewelry, hence today's DIY.  
As usual, the necklaces were made by Yesenia, our designer in chief at AS, and the gorgeous gal in the pictures is Judy, my  cousin and partner in crime :)
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Below, you'll find the links where you can purchase the materials used for this tutorial.  

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