How to make a Druzy Connector Bracelet

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You know when you're at the mall and you fall head over heels for a set of gorgeous bracelets? Then, you look at the price tag and are quickly brought back to earth when you find out that they're ridiculously expensive.  This has happened to quite a few times.  Fortunately, what usually happens after the shock subsides is awesome. I go, "wait a minute, I can totally make something like this for a fraction of the cost!    If you've never had this A-ha! moment, get ready, because after today it'll happen to you constantly.  
As you can see in our home page, we have a bit of an obsession with druzies.  Last week we taught you how to make some super simple druzy necklaces, so this week we thought it'd be fitting to pair them with a set of druzy bracelets :)
Below, you'll find the links for the materials used in this tutorial.  If you don't want to miss any of our future tutorials for our new series: "DIY Thursday", make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel here or sign up for our newsletter here.  

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Beautiful!! Where do you purchase the druzy connectir stones?

Ramonita Serrano

Espectaculares los vídeos y el.producto final. Me encantan. Gracias. Los felicito por tan extraordinaria labor que es compartir los conocimientos para el disfrute y ampliar las destrezas de tantas personas que redundará en beneficios para cada uno.

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