How to make a druzy macramé bracelet

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Last weekend, one of my childhood friends tied the knot, it was a beautiful wedding and it was really cool to be able to share that special moment with her. Last week's wedding really made me reflect on our lives, as childhood friends we've been through so much together, and its been so much fun!  Even though she's married now, I know we'll always find the time to get together and act like kids again haha.  Meanwhile, I will continue working on my website!
I've spent the past 8 weeks working really hard on our (AS's) online business model and to my surprise,the process turned out to be much more personal than I could have ever expected.  I found out that I have a deep seated passion for the web, selling online and social media.  Unfortunately, I also found out that there are other areas where I could use some serious help: writing good copy, SEO (search engine optimization), and getting the right design for our blog are a few examples.   This process has been the best thing that has happened to me business wise and although its been a tough ride, on a day like today, we're celebrating another successful DIY Thursday.  So, here's to celebrating the small wins and enjoying the ride.  
2- 2mm Cord (2-3 yards)
3- 0.5mm Cord (1 yard)
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By simply glancing at our site and blog, you'll quickly realize that we have a DRUZY (druze, druse, drusie, druzie) OBSESSION!!  Yeap, it's true, we think any jewelry design can be improved with a little sparkle here and there.  So, in honor of our druzy obsession, we've been churning out A LOT of tutorials with druzy beads.  In our blog, you'll find (and continue to find) different beading techniques using druzy beads.  If you don't feel as passionately as we do for these beads, no sweat, you can use the same technique with the gemstones of your choice.  We hope you're enjoying our tutorials and if you have any special request or beading questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.
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Watch our video tutorial here: 

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Excelente tutorial… Pronto paso por alla a comprar!!

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