How to make a snake knot bracelet!

Viviana Soler
Summer is finally here and we couldn't be more excited.  Full disclosure, we thought we'd bitten off more than we could chew when we started this tutorial.  To our surprise, this video turned out to be one of our favorite ones to date.  Goes to show, that taking on a challenge is well worth the risk.  This week's DIY is a snake knot bracelet or "nudo de serpiente", in spanish.  We've been giving this course for over a year in our store and we thought it was finally time to make a nifty little DIY video for you.  The problem is, the beginning of this bracelet can be a little challenging, as a result, we tried very hard to describe the steps in the clearest and slowest way possible.  In any event, you can pause and rewind as many times as you need.  We also wanted to point out that the leather we used is a brand new metallic 2mm genuine leather that is to die for!  It gave the bracelets a much more polished and chic look.  

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