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Don't you just love chunky jewelry?  I for one am a fan!  Chunky jewelry always reminds me of summertime.  So, since it just so happens we have all the materials you need to make beautiful eye catching jewelry, we figured it was the perfect time to make a tutorial that reflected it. The arm candy in the images is composed of three wrap around bracelets.  Each one has a druzy connector, an aluminum curb chain and gemstones (one has black agate, another fire agate and another white agate).  
Yesenia (designer in chief), came up with the idea and in all honesty, the white one actually belongs to her!  So, THANK YOU Yesenia, for being kind enough to lend us your gorgeous bracelet :)
Anywhoo, there's nothing left for you to do than sit back, relax and learn how to make this wrap around bracelet.  Watch the video below.
6- Griffin Nylon Bead Cord


  • Posted On June 13, 2014 by Rose Marie Ramirez

    Me facino la tutoria de Como hacer el brasalete en macrame y muy bien ilustrado..Ya lo voy hacer..

  • Posted On June 13, 2014 by Rachel

    These tutorials are awesome!! Keep it up. I just bought about 5 druzy connectors and don’t want to make the same thing with each of them so these ideas are so inspiring! Thanks.

  • Posted On June 13, 2014 by Viviana

    Awww Thank you!! We’re really happy to hear that!! Made.Our.Day.

  • Posted On June 12, 2014 by Claudia Chartrand

    I love your tutorials, so fun and inspiring!

  • Posted On June 12, 2014 by Paola

    Just beautiful and breath taken!!!

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