How to make an embellished lycra bracelet

Viviana Soler1 comment
Its DIY Thursday again at AS!! So, as you may or may not know, we don't just sell beading supplies! We're also a humongous retail and wholesale FABRIC store in Puerto Rico!! Hence, today's fabric bracelet tutorial :) How perfect is that? We feel its a match made in heaven. Today's DIY is among the easiest and quickest tutorials, the materials we used, besides the lycra fabric, are some Tierracast Hammered Rings, some Sterling Silver Charms and some Large Hole Fresh Water Pearls. Have fun making something today! See you next Thursday!
1- Lycra Fabric (We're currently working on uploading our fabrics to our shop...please stay tuned!)
6- A positive attitude (not for sale)

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Nilda Aponte

Me gusta sus tutorials y me gustaria saber cuando dan clases. gracias

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