How to make an embellished wrap around bracelet

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 Jumbo Balloons. Our current obsession!  Well, jumbo balloons and embellished leather wrap around bracelets ;)  Let us officially welcome you to another DIY Thursday.  The one day of the week we set aside our to-do lists and work on a fun and easy beading tutorial.  Every week we come up with a new technique to teach and publish a new video on our YouTube Channel and an article on our blog.  (Click on the link to subscribe) This week we wanted to make a trendy bracelet that reflected our colorful outlook.  

As usual, our DIC (Designer In Chief) , Yesenia made these lovely bracelets and Judy posed for the pictures.  We always have so much fun creating our tutorials, but for for this one we literally took hundreds and hundreds of images because we're preparing for the launch of some fun new stuff we have coming your way.  We were SO tired by the end of the day that we could barely talk to each other!  We hope you enjoy our tutorial, and let us know what you would like to see in the future in the comments section below.


You can shop for all the materials below by clicking on the links!


 1. 1.5 mm, 1 Yard of Genuine Leather

2. Nylon Cord

3. Rhinestone Cup Chain

4. Large Hole Fresh Water Pearl




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