DIY Multi Strand Memory Wire Bracelet

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Rise and Shine Ladies! Today is DIY Thursday and we thought we'd start the day with another round of DIY's.  But first, coffee!  
Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is go straight to the kitchen to get my daily caffeine fix.  Yes, I'm THAT girl. My name is Viviana Soler and I have a caffeine addiction.  So when Judy, my cousin, bought this beautiful mug, you know that I couldn't resist taking pictures of it for the blog!  I'm considering splurging on a number of mugs myself...But enough about coffee, caffeine, mugs and my love for all of the above.... let's talk about making jewelry!  
Last week I mentioned how I use jewelry making as my own personal therapist.  I started doing this after my grandmother told me that her doctor had recommended that she should pick a hobby, like making jewelry, in order to stimulate her brain and creativity.  So that got me thinking... if beading is therapeutic for my abuela, then it definitely can be therapeutic for little old me.  
Plus, working at Alonso Sobrino, really gets your creative juices flowing with all of the beautiful gemstones constantly passing through this office!  
What about you?  Do you like making jewelry because of the creative process, the high you get from making a beautiful piece of jewelry or are you like my abuela and me and use it as a tool to manage your emotions?
Our multi-strand memory wire bracelet is a fun creation imagined and executed by our DIC (Designer in Chief) Yesenia Machuca.  She's a really talented young woman who has a deep passion for creating jewelry.  
We find that most of us underestimate the power of Memory Wire.  There are SO many different things you could make with this wire that it's mind blowing!  (Like this bracelet for example)
For this tutorial you'll need: 
2- 6mm to 8mm beads (turquoise, tiger eye, agate, etc.)
8- a positive attitude (not for sale)
*ahem: you can purchase all of the materials in our bead shop! Simply click on the links above

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