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Today is DIY Tuesday at Alonso Sobrino!  We've been experimenting a lot lately using the new video feature on Instagram, where you'll find the short and sweet video found in this tutorial, as well as other fun videos we've been publishing.  We've also recently created our brand new YouTube Channel!  We're really excited about the endless possibilities for DIY (Do It Yourself) , so stay tuned, we have a lot of great projects in the works, and we can't wait to share them all with you. 
Among other news...our online store is 5 weeks old today (yay!).  We wanted to say THANK YOU to all of those who have been supporting our small business both from within Puerto Rico and from the United States.  Did you know that our brick and mortar store is over 80 years old? Yikes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We sincerely hope you are enjoying our new venture as much as we are.
5- Two Jump Rings
6- End Cord
8- Scissors
First things first:
Begin by cutting 1 yard of the black nylon cord and folding it in half.
Second step:
Insert the folded nylon cord through the Ilusión/Amor Charm and pass it through the cord found on the other side as seen in the pictures above.
Third Step:
Next, choose where you want to place your Fire Agate Beads and make a knot on each side.  Make sure you measure correctly when making your knots, otherwise the beads won't look even.
Fourth Step:
Now, just insert the beads and make an additional knot on top in order to hold the beads in place.
Repeat the third and fourth steps as many times as you need to add the amount of beads you want for your design.
Fifth Step:
Place the end cord at the end of your nylon cord and, using your needle nosed plier, flatten the ends in order to hold them in place.  
Repeat this step on both sides of the necklace.
Sixth Step:
Finally, grab two needle nosed pliers and use them to open the jump ring.  Next, place the jump ring through the end cord,  insert the lobster claw on one of the ends and close the jump ring.
You're almost done! Now, just add a jump ring on the other side using the same technique.  
Easy, right?
We're dying to know what you think!  Leave us a message below with any comments, questions or suggestions for future posts.
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Very easy and Pretty thank you, will look forward for more diy……!!!

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