How to make a Wire and Pearl Bracelet

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Can you believe it?  Today. is. THURSDAY!!  My new favorite day of the week. It's the day we get to serve you a big plate of inspiration with a side of beading knowledge. Yay! Cuz that's what it's all about.  Right? Right. So let's get to it. I don't...

How to Master Crimp Covers

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You wouldn't put a building on a shoddy foundation...You shouldn't focus on the outside without working on the inside...You couldn't create a-ma-zing jewelry without adding crimp covers...

How Elle Woods would make a Kumihimo Necklace

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Remember Elle Woods? She's the really superficial and fashionable law student from Legally Blonde. {played by Reese Witherspoon} Full disclosure: I L.O.V.E this movie...

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How to make a Wrap Around Bracelet

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Merry Christmas! We're going to keep today's beading tutorial short seeing as it's Christmas Morning and all :) We're sure you want to go open presents!!!  But of coarse, we weren't going to leave you hanging.  We said we would publish a new DIY tutorial...

The Beading Technique Every DIY'er Needs To Master

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Have you ever received a long letter, and instead of reading it from the beginning you decide to skip to the end only to find out that you need to go back to the beginning to...

How to make a Knotted Gemstone and Tassle Necklace

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Before we dive into today's beading tutorial, we have some exciting news that we're dying to share with you.  A while back we asked our followers on social media to tell us wha.....

How to make a Three Strand Gemstone Necklace

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Today is DIY Thursday and we couldn't be happier about the overlap with Thanksgiving.  Today, we're all going to spend our day reflecting on our blessings and all of the things...

How to make a two strand Imperial Jasper Bracelet

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With the Christmas Season around the corner, now's the perfect time to start making your DIY Christmas gifts! So today, we're back with another DIY Thursday tutorial!! 

How to make a Double Cow Hitch Knot Necklace

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Aloha! Hi there! Yesterday my husband and I had the opportunity to visit some amazing beaches in Oahu. In our honeymoon, we've come to master the art of letting go and being in the moment. 

How to make Handmade Wire & Pearl Earrings

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Aloha Ladies!  On Monday, my new husband and I flew for over 15 hours from Puerto Rico to Hawaii for our  honeymoon.  It's so exciting

How to make a Snow White Costume

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This is AMAZING!!! How a brainstorming idea from Yesenia and Claribel turned out. 

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How to make a Feather Head Piece (Costume)

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Happy Halloween Week!! We love dressing up and Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to do just that!  Plus, we have SO many cool and funky material in our store that it's impossible not to get inspired!  A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram the result of Yesenia and Claribel's brainstorming session and this is what they came up with: Do you see design #4?? That's the sketch for....